OSDP™ I/O Module

SE 1110

I/O Module with 8 Inputs, 8 Relay outputs & Full Wiegand I/O port.

Functional description:

The ODSP I/O Module allows you to add extra inputs or relay outputs to an OSDP™ compatible controller.

A full Wiegand or Clock/Data interface is also available to connect a legacy card reader and/or PIN pad to an OSDP™ based system.


Function list:

  • 8 Inputs – Digital or Supervised
  • 8 Relay outputs
  • Full Wiegand or Clock/Data port:
    • Driver for Wiegand
    • Driver for Clock/Data
    • Driver for Unilock
  • Tamper switch
  • Power supply monitor
  • RS485 port for OSDP™



Product Versions:

SE 1110 OSDP I/O Module