readID™ Dongle

SE 1001

USB reader interface with Wiegand or Clock/Data interface

Functional description:
The readID™ Dongle is used to converte data from an external card reader and transmit to a pc as keyboard or COMport data. This allows legacy RFID card readers, like Indala® Flex Secure, Deister, Motorola, Cryptag®, AWID, Cotag, Magstripe etc. to be connect to modern equipment via USB, and used with existing software where card data usually is being typed into the system.

Function list:
   • USB 2.0 Device
   • 2 Wiegand or Clock/Data input
   • 1 Wiegand or Clock/Data output

Product Versions:
SE 1001       readID™ Dongle
SE 1001 TU readID™ Dongle with terminal


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