EMV® - Access with a Mobile phone

The EMV® standard is the payment standard created by Eurocard, Mastercard & Visa Card for use with contactless Bank cards and Mobile devices used for payments.

To use the EMV® Mobile feature on the card readers one of the following apps must be installed on the mobile device and a Bank card must be registered in the wallet app:

  • Apple Wallet
  • Google Wallet

Support for reading EMV® Virtual Card Number has been added to the following products:

  • SE 1044 DBKT
  • SE 1090 DKT
  • SE 1220 MNP
  • SE 1360 DKC

The EMV® virtual card number is created during the card registration process in the wallet app.

During the registration process the card number printed on the bank card is sent to the card issuer (Mastercard or Visacard) that returns the virtual card number which is stored in the wallet app.

This process ensures that the original bank card number cannot be copied from the wallet app and misused.